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  1. What is Tres Dias all about?


The purpose of the weekend is to help those who attend to see the love of Jesus in a very real way.  It allows them to interact with other Christians and to learn about the things that we all have in common in our relationships with God.  It causes us to look at Jesus and what the walk as a Christian is all about.  Another title for this weekend could be “A Short Course in Christianity.”


Tres Dias means 3 days.  It is international, and it was formed as an alternative to the Catholic-only version of the retreat which is called Cursillo and began many years ago in Spain.


It is a spiritual retreat – but not like other retreats you may have attended before.


The weekend is for anyone over age 21, single or married, from any denomination.


The weekend begins on a Thursday evening and ends on a Sunday evening.  It is held at Roxbury Holiness Camp in Roxbury, PA.



  1. Why would I want to attend such a weekend?


It is a weekend where Jesus’ love and God’s grace are shown in so many different ways.  We all need the infilling of this love and grace.


It’s a time and place where we are encouraged to deepen our walk with the Lord and have a closer relationship with Him.


It is a tool God is using to reach the “churched” of this age.  Many of these people see the grace of God and the salvation open to them for the first time on a Tres Dias weekend.  For some people, it’s the first time they see the need for a personal relationship with Jesus.



  1. How do I sign up to attend a Tres Dias weekend?


In order to attend a weekend, you must be sponsored by someone who has already attended.  The sponsor agrees to make sure his/her candidate gets to and from the weekend.  He attends the opening ceremony with his candidate on Thursday evening, as well as the closing on Sunday.  He agrees to support and pray for his candidate throughout the weekend.


The weekend is set up so that, for married couples, the husband must attend first.  This is done to support the concept that the husband is the spiritual head of the family and so he should attend first.


It is not a place to send people to get saved – although some people come to the weekend and accept Christ as Savior because they have never before really understood salvation.



  1. What happens during a weekend?


The weekends are set up exactly the same each time.  There is a team made up of 22 people who are responsible for the running of the weekend.  Two of those are pastors who serve as spiritual directors for the weekend, and the rest are lay people.  The team is different each time, and is made up of a variety of people – some single, some married, young and old, always a mix of denominations.


A series of talks are given by the team members.  They are always on the same topics and according to a prescribed outline, but each is written by a team member so they are new every time.  These talks are on such things as the Church, Leadership, Study, the Christian Community in Action, etc.  The two spiritual directors give talks on such things as God’s Grace, the Holy Spirit, and the Sacraments of the church.


All talks support the things we have in common, and not our differences.


Singing and fellowship are an important part of the weekend.


There are short chapel services each day throughout the weekend.



  1. What will I do on the weekend?


You will sit at a table with 4-6 people during the talks and discussions that follow.


You will be expected to attend every session.  The schedule is very full, but each talk builds on the other so it is necessary to hear all of them.


You will not be forced to speak in front of people or even to join in the discussion of the talk if you do not want to.


There are times just for fun, with lots of laughter and just enjoying each other.


Meals are served in the dining room and you will have the opportunity to get to know others not at your table during meal times.  You do not have to cook or clean up – just show up and eat.


You will have a room in a motel-style unit, shared with one other person, and each room has a private bathroom with a shower.



  1. What else should I know beforehand?


Dress for the weekend is casual – slacks, jeans, shorts (if it is hot).  Sometimes the meeting room is a little chilly, so you might want to take a sweater with you.  You will spend a lot of time sitting, so make sure your clothing is comfortable.  The only time you will need to dress up is on Sunday, so you will then want to wear whatever you would wear to church.  You will be told when to change into your “dressier” clothing.


Tres Dias is in no way intended to take the place of our own home churches.  It is intended to encourage people to go back to their churches and become involved in a deeper way.  People who have attended a weekend will often see new ways they can be involved in ministry at their own church.


Tres Dias is not for everyone, and many times a person will choose to wait for several years before they decide to attend.  It always seems that when a person makes a decision to go, it is the right time for them.  God has a way of knowing when that is.


If you have any questions or concerns, please call:


Sam & Deb Brenneman


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